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Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz for MAC

Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz for MAC

Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz for MAC

Platform: Mac
Status: Available


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Perfect for kids ages 7 and up, Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz teaches them to touch type and improve their keyboarding skills in a fun way.

Help Mavis and Dex at the movie concession stand during the mad rush in between shows.  Before you can you need to master the keys from A to Z!

Set you own words-per-minute goals, see what keys you need to practice and which keys you've learnt. Practice playing games and improve your speed and accuracy.  Mavis Beacon will have you typing like a pro in no time with the help of Mavis and Dex.

  • 250+ personalised keyboarding lessons, including tests
  • 200+ practice session topics
  • 16 Arcade-style games, including multi-level games
  • Practice sessions
  • Choose from new music options or import your own MP3 files and type to your own tunes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Printable awards


Maximise your productivity with Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz® 2021! The most comprehensive typing instruction system now includes learning tools and an updated user interface to guarantee typing improvements in just 2 weeks! 

mavis beacon keyboarding kidz

Whether you want to learn essential keyboarding skills or improve overall typing efficiency, Mavis Beacon will guide you step-by-step on your road to success! Improve speed and accuracy with detailed assessments, customised lessons, and skill-building games.


mavis beacon keyboarding kidz
In addition to Mavis Beacon's personal typing instruction, detailed reports illustrate overall progress and assist in identifying specific strengths and weaknesses.
mavis beacon keyboard kidz 
Powerful learning tools, along with this detailed reporting will help typists excel at their own pace. Hard work is rewarded with "recess time" and certificates of completion. Customise the background music to suit your taste and experience online typing challenges through fun, arcade-style games.

mavis beacon keyboarding kidz
 mavis beacon keyboarding kidz 
Redesigned with advanced technology and updated with even more features - Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz® 2021 offers keyboarders of all skill levels and ages a brand new learning experience with greater benefits and increased efficiency. 
mavis beacon keyboarding kidz




  • Compatible with MAC OS Catalina and Big Sur
  • MAC OS X10.12 and later
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 GB free hard disk space
  • 24-bit colour monitor, 1500x960 resolution
  • Mac compatible sound card, mouse, keyboard and speakers
  • Internet browser:  Safari 14.0 and later, Firefox 83.0, Chrome 86.0.4240.198 and later
  • Internet connection