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CAD Fundamentals 3D Training DVD-ROM for TurboCAD Mechanical Edition

CAD Fundamentals 3D Training DVD-ROM for TurboCAD Mechanical Edition

CAD Fundamentals 3D Training DVD-ROM for TurboCAD Mechanical Edition

Platform: PC
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The 3D CAD Fundamentals for TurboCAD Mechanical Edition training DVD-ROM offers an easy, comprehensive course for users of TurboCAD Deluxe and Professional.

Developed by renowned Australian CAD teacher, Ken Doyle, the 3D CAD Fundamentals for TurboCAD Mechanical Edition training DVD-ROM, offers an easy, but comprehensive course for users of TurboCAD Deluxe and Professional.

This DVD-ROM has over 11 hours of video training with 227 lessons to get you drawing in 3D in no time. The program demonstrates workplanes and helps the user to simultaneously create their own drawings of a work bench Vice.

The course follows on from the success of Ken's 2D CAD Fundamentals course on CD-ROM and offers:

  • A comprehensive training course for TurboCAD users to master 3D skills
  • Over 220 in-depth lessons for TurboCAD
  • Over 11 hours of easy-to-follow video tutorials
  • 3D basics:  3D Modelling, Workplanes, 3D Objects, 3D Modify, Render Modes and more!
  • Essentials 3D tools:  Creating/Exploding Groups, Extruding Items, Sliding and Rotating Objects etc
  • Watch video tutorials, practise using TurboCAD and review the exercises as often as you like!
  • Course notes reinforce the video lessons for each section
  • Study guides allow you to track your progress and navigate through the exercises
  • CAD Fundamentals 3D Training Mechanical Edition has been developed by renowned CAD teacher, Ken Doyle, author of the successful CAD Fundamentals 2D training.

    The CAD Fundamentals range of training products have been developed in Australia by qualified CAD teachers. 




    This comprehensive 3D self-training DVD is designed to help you master 3D CAD drawing by learning a variety of 3D CAD skills as you need them. The training DVD takes a project approach where the lessons are based around a project, in this case, drawing all the items that make an Offset Vice.

    This course is ideal for the intermediate CAD user who already has 2D CAD drawing skills.

    Over 11 hours of video lessons cover main areas from introductory lessons navigating the user interface to using basic and advanced 3D tools, 3D work planes and coordinate systems, creating layers, using viewports, dimensioning, drawing and assembling a Vice, as well as a variety of tips to help you be more proficient. Additional resources to expand your CAD knowledge and a gallery of drawings to see what TurboCAD can do have also been included.

    Watch the video tutorials, practice using TurboCAD and review the exercises as many times as you like.

    Course notes reinforce the video lessons for each section.

    The study guides allow you to track your progress and navigate the exercises easily. Each lesson button on the DVD shows a tool tip which is listed in the study guide. Print this out before you begin.

    Introductory Getting Started Information

    This section helps you set up your environment to view the videos easily and monitor tasks being performed in TurboCAD.

    The first two lessons teach you about the Camtasia player controls and setting your screen resolution to the ideal size at 1024x 768 pixel resolution. The third lesson teaches you how to place a CPU monitor on the taskbar to see how hard the computer is working and know when TurboCAD is working to complete tasks.

    3D Workplanes, Layers and Coordinate Systems

    This section is designed to maximize the number of skills learned using the 3D Workplane tools, coordinate systems and creating layers.

    This set of lessons creates an imperial drawing of a simple pencil holder using a block base with four holes and pencils. The tools used are shown on the Workplane Tools Palette in TurboCAD.

    You will also learn about Coordinate Systems

    • World Coordinate System
    • User Coordinate System
    • Entity Coordinate System

    You also learn how to create layers that will allow you to selectively choose and work with particular areas of your drawings.

    It is suggested you follow the lessons as they are drawn, watching the video and then repeating the exercise on your computer. Draw the exercises the same way they are shown on the video to practice the most skills.

    Vice Exercises

    This section is designed to cover a huge range of 3D drawing skills by developing a complete project in drawing a fabricated engineers' vice.

    There are 18 items that make up this vice. You will learn how to make each part of the vice and assemble them together. The items range from the base, side and top plates, slide top, vice jaw, shaft, spindle and handle to the nuts, bolts, springs, pins, threads and washers.

    The group of exercises is completed by drawing a simple title block, creating a number of views and inserting them as viewports in paper space ready for printing.

    You will develop many 3D skills including using layers in viewports to see particular items or sections and the difference between surface and solid threads and modeling. You will also make the vice using a variety of the many tools that are available in TurboCAD. Various tools are found in pull down menus from the top of the screen, toolbars on the left of the screen and the Tools Palette on the right side of the screen. The exercises are done using as many of these tools as possible to help you learn each group of tools well. You will also be shown some common mistakes using tools and learn how to correct them and overcome problems that may arise. Many useful tips learnt over the years have also been added.

    The lessons are mostly demonstrated with TurboCAD Deluxe and will show functionality that is common to both Deluxe and Professional versions. Where there are differences and additional tools and methods in TurboCAD Professional and Mechanical/Platinum editions, a number of lessons have been provided using these editions of the software.

    This vice can be completely drawn with TurboCAD Deluxe. However, it is suggested that all TurboCAD version users also watch the lessons that are done with TurboCAD Professional to understand the advantages in this version.

    Having mastered these drawing skills, many of you may choose to build such a vice in your workshop or garage when the project is complete.

    Enjoy your 3D training DVD and developing your skills with TurboCAD! 


    • Windows XP / Vista / 8 / 7
    • 500 mhz Processor
    • 64 MB RAM
    • DVD-Rom Drive
    • Soundcard and speakers
    • Headphones (optional)
    Note: Internet access is required for product activation