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Acronis True Image 2020 for 1 Computer

Acronis True Image 2020 for 1 Computer

Acronis True Image 2020 for 1 Computer

Platform: PC
Status: Available


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Acronis True Image 2020 is:

  • Easy, reliable backup and recovery
  • Efficient all-in-one protection
  • Secure from cyberthreats

Mirror Imaging
Automatically keep all your data safe: operating system, programs, settings, files, and boot information.

Two-click Backup
Back up to local drives, external drives, NAS, network shares, and cloud with just two clicks. Click once more
for advanced technical options.

Dual Protection
Replicate local backups in the Acronis Cloud automatically to ensure off-site copies are always available for recovery.

Mobile Backup
Safeguard the data from your smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi to your PC, Mac, or NAS device, or directly to
Acronis Cloud Storage. Migrate data from Android to iOS and back again.

Remote Management
Control all backups for all your devices using a touchfriendly, online dashboard.

acronis true image 2020


More than 5 million users worldwide!


Easiest to use interface of any competitor. Just two clicks to a full image backup. And one more click to
advanced configurations, scheduling, and detailed backup options.1

Fastest backup and recovery
. Up to 10x faster than the competition, whether the destination is a local
drive, external drive, NAS device, network share, or in the cloud.2

Most secure backup. The only personal backup with an integrated AI-powered defense that detects and
stops ransomware and cryptojacking attacks. Automatically restores affected files.3


Total protection doesn’t need to be complicated.
Access all our powerful tools and manage the backups of all your devices through a single, userfriendly
interface. Start backups simply by connecting a USB hard disk drive. Graphic displays show the types of data, how much there is, backup status, and more.


A single solution protects all your data, whether it’s on a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, device or your Office 365 account.
Perfect for today’s multi-device households. More features at a lower cost than other options. Proven to be the fastest personal backup available.


Evolving threats mean traditional backup is no longer enough.
People need advanced cyber protection. Acronis True Image 2020 is the only personal solution with an integrated, artificial intelligence-based defense that detects and stops the latest ransomware and cryptomining malware attacks in real time.


  • Clone active disks to make an exact replica of your Windows or Mac system while it’s in use.
  • Create an all-in-one recovery drive with everything you need – from boot media to backups.
  • Monitor backups and get timely protection tips with notifications pushed to your desktop tray.
  • Manage data at a glance with visual displays of backup activities and statistics.
  • Preserve laptop power by blocking backups on battery or setting a minimum power level.
  • Convert backups to a virtual hard drive format to test it or run it in a virtual machine.
  • Select specific Wi-Fi networks to back up on to ensure the security of your uploads.
  • Build WinPE boot media without additional downloads.
  • Migrate your system to a new computer with Acronis Universal Restore.
  • Archive files to an external drive or cloud storage to free up disk space.
  • Find select files within backups and archives with powerful search.
  • Synchronize files between multiple computers for easy access and editing.
  • Safely try new software and drivers and roll back to a previous configuration.
  • Encrypt your data in storage or in transit for greater security and privacy.
  • Recover virtual machines running on your Mac quickly and easily.
  • Securely delete temporary files, purge recycle bins, and clean up old backups.

Acronis True Image 1 Computer is a one-time purchase, also referred to as a “perpetual license.” Local backup only (i.e. external drives, network shares, and NAS). No cloud features are available with a Standard license.  The License includes:

  • Full image backup
  • File and folder backup
  • Active disk cloning
  • Archiving
  • All-in-one recovery drive
  • Universal Restore/boot media
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Continuous backup
  • Event-based scheduling
  • Mobile backup to local computer or NAS via Wi-Fi
  • Technical support: Email and online chat for one year
  • Updates: Software updates only


Acronis True Image 2020 3 Computers
Acronis True Image 2020 5 Computers
Acronis True Image Advanced 1 Year Subscription 1 Computer +250GB Cloud Storage
Acronis True Image Advanced 1 Year Subscription 3 Computer +250GB Cloud Storage
Acronis True Image Advanced 1 Year Subscription 5 Computer +250GB Cloud Storage
Acronis True Image Premium 1 Year Subscription 1 Computer +1 TB Cloud Storage
Acronis True Image Premium 1 Year Subscription 3 Computer +1 TB Cloud Storage

Acronis True Image Premium 1 Year Subscription 5 Computer +1 TB Cloud Storage



acronis true image 2020 
acronis true image 2020
acronis true image 2020

acronis true image 2020
acronis true image 2020 


Microsoft Windows
  • Windows 10 (all editions, including May 2019 Update)
  • Windows 8.1 (all editions)
  • Windows 8 (all editions)
  • Windows 7 SP1 (all editions)
  • Windows Home Server 2011

Apple macOS
  • macOS Catalina 10.15
  • macOS Mojave 10.14
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • macOS Sierra 10.12
  • OS X El Capitan 10.11

Mobile Operating Systems
  • iOS 10.0 or later
  • Android 5.0 or later