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TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 Upgrade from Pro/Platinum v2016

TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 Upgrade from Pro/Platinum v2016

TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 Upgrade from Pro/Platinum v2016

Platform: PC
Status: Available


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Upgrade to TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 from TurboCAD Pro or Pro Platinum 2016

TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 Upgrade from Pro / Platinum 2016 is the upgrade path for owners of TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2016 or TurboCAD Pro 2016 to the latest technology in TurboCAD 2017. It’s our most powerful TurboCAD ever with nearly 50 new features and major improvements

TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017
New TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 is our most powerful TurboCAD ever! Nearly 50 new and improved features and tools have been added to help users do more than ever before, faster than before. Plus, get the latest file filters so you can easily share designs, even on the go with your mobile device.

More Powerful Tools
Discover a variety of great new tools to bend, unbend and create gussets to help with sheet metal design.  Other new 3D tools can deform objects by stretching and twisting, while major improvements to our lofting and SMESH tools allow you to create more organic designs.   See these new features and more. 

Greater Productivity
New features for architectural design work help you more quickly create multi-story buildings, custom stairs, roof openings and more, while additional features like new center line and center mark controls, improved multi-text editor and new options for blocks help with all your design wor

Interoperability & Mobile
TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 supports over 40 CAD & Graphic File Formats including new Google Earth (KML and KMZ) File Support and improved AutoCAD (DXF, DWG and DWF), SketchUp (SKP), Adobe 3D PDF and Point Cloud file support.
New feature Video  



New Intelligent File Send
E-pack now includes an option to send your packaged data via email.

New Image Management Palette
Simple drag-and-drop insertion, control of image parameters and embedding.

New Table Editing / Attachable Data
Build tables by making (non-OLE) connections to .CSV and Excel files. Simply edit table layout, format and content, now similar to Microsoft Word.
Importing Excel files

New Timestamp
For security and collaboration, file metadata now includes Date of Creation, Date of Last Modification, Total File Editing Time and Total Time of Last Session.
Time Stamp 

New Options for Blocks
Display the name of a block whenever ‘show multiple entities options’ is turned on. Show selected block in the Blocks Palette any time an inserted block is selected.


Improved Intelligent Scaling
Create hatches, text and dimensions that automatically scale to the current zoom level of the view.
Intelligent Scaling 

New Center Line and Center Mark
Create associative center lines and center marks. 

New Relative Angle Field
Draw consecutive segments by specifying the angle relative to the preceding segment. 

Improved Multi-Text Editor
New text editor interface with new formatting features and new options including numbered lists, bulleted lists and multi-column support.

New Scale by Two Points
Scale a set of objects to a specific size by using two reference points.


New Bend by Sketch
Bend single or multiple flanges off of a sheet body using a 2D polyline as the profile.


New Gusset
Easily add support structures to 3D models. Use the New Sheet Metal Gusset to insert a sheet metal gusset between two adjacent faces. New Solid Gusset can insert a Stiffening Rib between two adjacent faces.

Improved Law Tool Editor
Import and export Laws (Curve from Law; Surface with Laws; Offset with Law; Warp Entity by Law) from text files.

New Skretch Entity
Stretch any ACIS solid along an arbitrary axis.

New Twist Entity
Twist a solid object along and around the length of a designated axis.

New NURBS Support
Guidelines for lofts can now be post-updated to modify the resulting loft. Now true NURB surfaces can be generated and edited in three axes.

Improved ACIS® Object Handling and Clean-up
The Remove Open Gap functionality of the Extract Entity tool has been extended with a New Remove All Open Gaps option. 

New Unbend Options
New Get Bend Angles option to extract or insert bend angles as text when using the Unbend Sheet tool. New Unbend Along an Edge lets you selectively unbend elements of a sheet body along specified edges.

Improved Warp Entity by Law
Warping a 3D solid based on a mathematical formula can now be done with or without the Part Tree. This enables post-editing of -the warp parameters. 

New & Improved SMESH Tools (Sub-D Modeling)
New Combine and join adjacent coplanar faces; merge SMESHs; add or delete facets from a SMESH; create a volumetric object from a planar SMESH. Improvements to node selection which can be limited to ignore all but the closest nodes and faces can now be split by a selected line.


New Copying of Architectural Objects
Use the copy and array tools to insert a set of windows or doors into a wall for greater productivity.

New Fit to Scale for Door and Window Custom Blocks
Automatic fit to wall width scaling of custom door and window blocks inserted into walls.

Improved House Builder Wizard
Create rooms on multiple workplanes for quick design of multi-story houses. 

New Stairs by Linework
Create complex and advanced stairways via a set of 2D linework. 

New Roof Slab Openings
Insert openings into roof slab for fast placement of vents and skylights.


New Redsdk 4.2 Engine Migration
Improved photorealistic rendering with new shaders, more realistic materials, new expanded parameters to control anti-ailiasing, caustics for sun lighting, physical sky lighting, geo-located sun positioning and volumetric effects.

New UV Mapping of SMESH Objects
UV mapping has been expanded to support SMESH objects.


Improved AutoCAD® (DXF, DWG and DWF) File Compatibility
Implementation of the latest Teigha engine.

Improved 3D PDF (including .U3D and .PRC) Export
Support for export of multi-material objects.

Improved SketchUp (SKP) File Support*
Import geometry, views, materials and components from SketchUp files created in SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Mark versions 3.0 to 2017. * Please note – Trimble no longer offers the 32-bit version of their software development kit, therefore TurboCAD 2017 32-bit has no SKP filter.

New Google Earth (KML and KMZ) File Support
Import KML and KMZ files into TurboCAD to view your designs in Google Earth independent of the web.

Improved Point Cloud (PCD, PCG, XYZ, ASC) File Support
Improved triangulation tool allows users to adjust the default parameter settings, offers an improved algorithm for facet normal determination and a new smoothing option. Coloured point clouds are also now supported.

New Mobile App Support
Import and View TurboApp (TAP) files from one of our apps for mobile devices--TurboViewer, TurboReview, TurboSite, or DroneScout.


TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 Upgrade from Pro/Platinum v2016 screenshot TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 Upgrade from Pro/Platinum v2016 screenshot TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 Upgrade from Pro/Platinum v2016 screenshot TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 Upgrade from Pro/Platinum v2016 screenshot TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017 Upgrade from Pro/Platinum v2016 screenshot


TurboCAD Pro Platinum is delivered in a 64-bit version to take full advantage of your hardware’s available computer memory to load, process, and render CAD files. A 32-bit version is also available if required by your hardware.

CPU Type
1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

64-bit System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8* 64-bit, Windows 7 (64-bit), Vista (64-bit) - 8 GB RAM.

32-bit System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8*, Windows 7 - 4GB RAM.

*TurboCAD is designed for desktops or laptops that meet the indicated system requirements. Windows RT technology used on some tablets is not supported.

Your experience with TurboCAD Pro Platinum will be greatly enhanced with a newer generation, higher speed CPU, 8+ GB RAM.

The optional GPU-accelerated Redsdk render modes require a supported graphic processing unit (either a chip on the board, or on a video card). The latest video drivers are typically required. Newer boards with more power and VRAM generally provide greater performance.

RedSDK list of supported Video Cards and Drivers: