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Training for TurboCAD® LTE & LTE Pro

Training for TurboCAD® LTE & LTE Pro

Training for TurboCAD® LTE & LTE Pro

Platform: PC
Status: Coming Soon


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Training for TurboCAD® LTE & LTE Pro is designed for users of TurboCAD LTE and LTE Pro that have little or no experience with TurboCAD LTE or AutoCAD LT (since TurboCAD LTE works very much like AutoCAD LT). The aim of this tutorial is to teach users the basic requirements so that they can competently operate the TurboCAD LTE software to produce drawings of a reasonable standard.


The tutorial is provided as a downloadable PDF file. A TurboCAD LTE drawing template file is also provided to be used with your copy of TurboCAD LTE or LTE Pro and the drawing exercises.

The easy to follow instruction is accompanied by seven practice exercises. These exercises cover such areas as:

  • 2D Editing – Fillets, Trims
  • 2D Views, Projections 
  • Array and Mirror Copy
  • Arcs and Circles 
  • Centerlines and Construction Lines 
  • Dimensioning
  • Drawing Setup
  • Dynamic Input 
  • Hatching 
  • Layers 
  • Page Setup and Printing
  • Paper Space
  • Snaps
  • User Coordinate System
  • Views and Viewports