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Punch! Home Interior Design for Mac v20

Punch! Home Interior Design for Mac v20

Punch! Home Interior Design for Mac v20

Platform: Mac
Status: Available


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Punch! Interior Design for Mac v20 

Showcase the interior of your home with amazing interior designs. Perfect every detail with your creativity and the all-new Interior Design for Mac. Whether you want to renovate, remodel, or update exiting rooms, Punch has it all! Design beautiful interior spaces using online video tutorials, an expanded Content Library Management System, advanced retina compatibility and other Mac-friendly features. Get professional results for every project big and small. Save time and money. Visualise interior design plans before you start buying costly materials. Build yourself or take your floor plans to a contractor. You’ll love what you can do with the latest from Punch!

Showcase Your Home’s Interior with an Amazing New Design.

A makeover can do wonders for your home’s interior. With a little inspiration and planning, you can fashion amazing designer looks that showcase every room. Perfect every detail using your creativity and the all-new Interior Design Version 20.

No design experience required with our interior design program and its simple to use interface, drag and drop features and one mouse click design capabilities!

It's easy to get started!

  • Create your own home plans, use our editable floor plans and layouts or take pictures of an existing room and add design features and details.
  • Kitchen renovation, bathroom update, or plan a basement remodel with new kitchen and bath layouts, new floor plans, colors, textures and materials 
  • Choose from thousands of brand name furniture, paint colors, accessories, flooring and more to complete your interior design
  • Save time and money by visualising your 2D and 3D designs and estimating costs before you begin. Includes how-to video tutorials, user forum and free technical support to provide help when needed.
Whether you want to renovate, remodel or update existing rooms, or start with entirely new interior plans, Punch has you covered. Anyone can build a professional interior design. A host of new Mac-friendly features empowers you to design superb interior spaces with ease and efficiency.

NEW & IMPROVED Essential Tools and Features:

  • NEW! 2D Drawing Engine for high performance and high-quality rendering
  • ENHANCED! 2D Drawing with more patterns, color configurations, and customisation
  • NEW! rich text tool that supports multiple fonts and attributes
  • NEW! textures, templates, and objects
  • Dark mode support (Mojave users only)
  • DXF import and Export with support for the newest formats (includes AutoCAD 2018)
  • Perfect Interiors

Use your Mac and Punch! Interior Design to make 2D and 3D plans for every room inside your home. Explore different design combinations to find what works for your interior space and lifestyle. Paint color, lighting, materials, accessories and décor offer a world of possibilities. These and other personal touches will make your design truly unique. It’s easy to maximise every room’s potential with version 20.

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punch interior design mac


punch interior design mac 

More Storage Space


Who doesn’t need more space? Design cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, media center, garage and closets. Better storage customised for the configuration of your home can keep things organised and within reach. Fit cabinets with shelving, drawers and appliances. If your closet space is at a premium, add a wire shelving system. And, don’t forget the garage!

Lighting Fixtures

Look at your home’s interior in a different light! For a dramatic touch, try adding ambient light, shadows, fall off, radius and other lighting details. Lighting fixtures can make a dramatic impact at a relatively small cost.

To accent windows, apply different designer treatments and determine what works without the headache of fabric swatches. You can adjust the actual window styles too. Pick from an extensive library of window and door styles. Customise the size, grille style and other parameters to compliment your overall design. Create a breathtaking view to your garden or other eye-catching outdoor feature.

Interior Design Plans

A review of your plan from different perspectives will improve the beauty and function of your design. View your interior design as a dollhouse view, wireframe view and 3D walkthrough. It’s a snap to make changes that improve your concept. In the end, you’ll have the perfect interior design customised to suit your taste and budget. From floor to ceiling, your interior designs will look their best using Punch! Interior Design Version 20. 


Start Your Interior Design Project!

  1. QuickStart: Drag & drop individual rooms to easily create your basic floor plan.
  2. PhotoView: Take pictures of the inside of an existing house and easily add design features and details.
Add rooms and decorate with one mouse click!

  • Drag and drop room creation
  • SmartWand™ technology adds paint or other material applications to a specific wall, room or you entire house with one mouse click.
  • Over 4870 3D furnishings and over 7640 materials plus textures and paints

punch interior design mac

Windows, Doors & Walls
Select from an extensive library of door and window styles. Customise the size, grille style, and other parameters to fit your plan.

Object Library
Thousands of objects for every part of your design, inside or out. Remodel with new fixtures, lighting, ceiling fans, sinks, appliances and more.  Use as is or edit with 3D Custom Workshop™.

punch interior design mac
Flooring Carpets & Rugs
Try tile, carpet, wood, stone, and other materials including brand name, real-world products.
Furniture Showcase
Add predesigned furniture groups with simple drag & drop. Easily arrange or edit your selections to suit your design.

Precision Lighting Planner
Add functionality and drama to your design. Works with exterior and interior designs. Precision controls for ambient light, shadows, fall off, radius, and more. Drag & Drop landscape light fixtures.
Cabinet Designer
Customise your cabinets with shelving, pantries, drawers, and appliances. Also perfect for media centers, bathrooms and garage organisation.
Storage Design
Gain more closet space by planning an inexpensive wire shelving system or lay out a garage that makes the best use of space, yet keeps things organised and within reach. Drag & drop shelving, workbenches and cabinets are included in the library.

punch interior design mac


  • Macintosh® OS X 10.9-10.14 (Mojave)
  • Intel® Core™ Duo processor or faster
  • 256MB VRAM,
  • 3.5 GB Hard Disk Space
  • 1024x768 millions of colours display resolution,
  • Keyboard & mouse
File size is 1.8GB and it will take up to 1 hour to download onto your Mac