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Personal Architect V13 Australia & New Zealand Edition

Personal Architect V13 Australia & New Zealand Edition

Personal Architect V13 Australia & New Zealand Edition

Platform: PC
Status: Available


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Design or remodel your dream home and landscape!

If you are looking for an easy to use but powerful 3D software to renovate or design your entire home, Personal Architect is for you! You are excited about the potential, but are concerned about time, budget, and schedule. Experiment with everything from new floor plans through to detailed interior design and decorating. Share your designs with family and friends as images, videos or on Sketchfab.

Personal Architect powers the No 1 selling “HGTV Home and Garden software” series and can deliver on your dreams!

Everything you need to for that interior or exterior project:

  • Floorplans
  • 3D Presentations
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Home Design
  • Interior Design
  • Garden Plans
  • Remodeling
  • Home Improvement

Developed for Australians and New Zealanders

Personal Architect offers the most comprehensive catalogue of Australian and New Zealand standard elements including roofs, walls, doors, windows, ceilings, floors, columns, footings, openings, solar panels, water tanks, plans and much more!


Personal Architect - house 


Personal Architect is part of the Envisioneer suite of products.  Envisioneer Version 13 is a unified creative workspace and design platform where everyone uses the same 3D BIM model to design and build from concept to construction. Each of Envisioneer’s 4 products works seamlessly with integration partners like Autodesk, SketchUp, Mitek, 2020 and more, and each comes packed with the right amount of functionality to match your project requirements and budget.



As you work on a plan you can highlight a room. This is a great feature when inserting elements in a room to see the actual boundaries of the room. Inserting elements by room is used by various utilities in Envisioneer, like floors and ceilings. Now, with the room highlight feature, it is easier to see which room you are inserting the element in as it highlights. Makes inserting elements easier!

File and Project sharing is a big part of modern business practices and Cadsoft recognizes the importance of making sharing as clean and easy as possible. Now in Version 13 when you save a project you can also “Pack Resources” with the project file. The resources include any textures and line styles that someone else may not have on their system so by packing the resources you can share them easier.

Envisioneer has increased the compatibility and collaboration efforts by expanding the Universal Block Importer to now accept IFC files. Now you can import blocks in the Industry Foundation Class (IFC) standard file format. This increases Envisioneer’s BIM capabilities.

Envisioneer version 13 now has advanced material property settings so you can create an even more photorealistic appearance to your projects. Take advantage of Bump map settings to give materials the illusion of crevices and elevations in the texture so it looks realistic. This will be a great way to elevate the look of renderings in a project.

The View Filter dialog box now includes Section symbols, Elevation Symbols, Cameras & Animation Paths for a comprehensive dialog box to control the visibility of all items. This will be also helpful when inserting views onto a worksheet for ProArchitect, Building Essentials and Construction Suite.

The Program Settings and Document Settings have been separated for clarity. Find all the settings that effect a project in the document settings and find the general program settings in the Program Settings dialog box. This makes it easier to find the settings you want to personalise.

Envisioneer has some great footing and foundation tools to stream line the work to design a foundation plan and now it is easier! When you have many columns in a plan that require footings beneath them you can now take advantage of the “Attach to All Similar” option to insert the same footing under all similar columns. Takes extra work out of a project to save you time.

Envisioneer V13 has expanded the setting options for both Cathedral and Tray ceilings to include the same slope definition options that are available with a roof. Specify the slope in a variety of formats so you can work with the information that you have available.

Images that have been imported into Envisioneer are now compressed so they don’t inflate your file size. This will help reduce lag in a model that has incorporated a larger image files, increasing your productivity.