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CAD Fundamentals v2: 2D Training CD for TurboCAD

CAD Fundamentals v2: 2D Training CD for TurboCAD

CAD Fundamentals v2: 2D Training CD for TurboCAD

Platform: PC
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This comprehensive 2D CAD course has been developed in Australia by a full-time CAD teacher and TurboCAD authority, Ken Doyle. Adopted by TurboCAD/IMSI USA as the preferred TurboCAD 2D training tutorial around the world. Full colour video tutorials help you master 2D CAD operations quickly and easily. This self paced course is an ideal way to begin drawing and drafting with 2D tools. Easy to use step-by step lessons help you understand and master basic CAD design and conventions using TurboCAD versions 7 to 2015 and beyond. Become proficient with the user interface, drawing tools, templates, symbols and more...

  • Over 200 lessons on 2D drawing tools covering 5 hours
  • Covers ALL the NEW features from V19 to 2015
  • Covers introductory to intermediate 2D CAD skills
  • Learn key 2D drawings skills such as navigating the user interface, using basic 2D tools, using advanced 2D tools, creating templates, using symbols and customising the interface layout.
  • Watch the video tutorials from the CD
  • Draw a shed in 2D and 3D - updated section. How to draw walls, doors & windows in 3D
  • Practice using your TurboCAD and review exercises as many times as you like
  • Additional web resources
  • Build a better understanding of the 2D CAD drawing elements that you will need to design with confidence




Introductory lessons

This section will take you on a tour of the program showing you how to use the toolbars and getting to know the functions of TurboCAD. Types of skills you will learn include:

  • Inserting and making view points
  • Scale your drawing
  • Adding and Editing text in drawing
  • Printing set up for different paper sizes and to print with PDF
  • How to use Model and Paper space
  • Page set up wizard

Exercises 1-12 - Drawing Tools with CAD for 2D Design

These lessons will take you through the first steps of drawing with in a 2D CAD program. You will have a better understanding of the basic drawing elements of 2D CAD. You will be able to implement these skills your everyday drawing & designing. Types of skills you will learn include:

  • Learning how to use Snaps tools
  • Drawing lines to circles
  • Drawing line types - Perpendicular, Polyline & Multi line
  • Use of layers and how to use them
  • Intersections of lines, circles
  • Radial copy tool
  • How to draw an Arch

Exercises 13-24 Drawing Tools with CAD for 2D Design

With these 11 Exercises (57 lessons) you will be exposed to a higher level of 2D drawing skills. Types of skills that you will learn include:

  • Mirror copying & use of the rubber stamp function
  • Additional layering lessons
  • Patch Hatching
  • Parallel line tool
  • Line properties
  • Dimensioning tools
  • Node Edit tool
  • Short cuts with in the program
  • Drawing with Angles

Exercise - Creating templates

These lessons will bring together some of the skills that you have learnt in the earlier lessons to help you design your own templates. Templates are a great time saver with for students and for the corporate world. You can re-use this templates and change and save to suit the needs of your study or business. Types of skills you will learn include:

  • Drawing and printing with boarders
  • More in depth understanding of the page set up Wizard & Text function
  • How to use construction lines

Exercises on Symbols

Symbols are an important part of CAD drawing, you will use them in everyday drawing & design. This section will show you how create and insert symbols.

Exercises on Customised Layout

These section shows you how to set up TurboCAD work page exactly the way you like with easy tips and examples.


  • Windows XP SP3, Vista, Win 7 & 8
  • 500 mhz Processor
  • 64 MB RAM
  • CD/DVD Drive
  • Soundcard and speakers
  • Headphones (optional)

 Note: Internet access is required for product activation